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About us SCIENTARIO brings together biologists and collectors from various European countries.

We possess a unique collection of different speciments of European sea fauna. It contains over 250 different species among which are over 150 varieties of seashells, 50 types of fish, over 50 kinds of crustaceans, echinoderms, corals, as well as many other sea animals.

This is a result of effort of collectors from entire Europe, especially from the coasts of Great Britain, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy and Croatia.

We present this collection on travelling exhibitions in schools and other exhibiting places.

Apart from travelling exhibitions we also make smaller collections to be mounted on walls in glass-front showcases.

Our buyers are primarily schools which use our collections for educational purposes in biology classes but also as decoration in school halls, classrooms or corridors.

Due to their attractiveness, they are also bought by hotels, restaurants, aquariums, travel agencies and many private buyers who wish to add originality to their homes or offices.

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